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FYI: Having never played music in public other than at open mics around my hometown of Detroit Michigan, about ten years ago I decided to put together a set of acoustic songs I could offer venues as my audition. I wanted to play and get paid.


 I set about recording around 13 cover songs  and once mixed I set them aside and not soon after moved to key west Florida. I went back into a chef position and never sought out paying gigs nor did I ever get any offers. I did continue recording cover songs along with my own compositions. 


 What you find on this release is the sum of my recordings over these past ten years. I still don’t perform publicly but I do do enjoy recording and creating. For the most part these songs represent what Id offer if I did play for pay. You wont find them anywhere else but here.


 All these songs were recorded with home studio equipment and free computer mixing software. No doubt if I spent $1000’s of dollars  at a pro studio on each song they would be better but I’m happy with each one. I hope you enjoy at least one. The sheer variety would demand that ?


Thanks for listening. 



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