The Recordings of Darek Steven Smith

A gifted singer/songwriter Darek has recorded 100's of songs many of which are included below. His most successful song by far is his version of The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks. It was originally released under Darek & The Videeza Band. All the musical parts including vocals and recording were done by Darek.  

 Dareks catalog of music is as varied as his personal taste in music. As a fan he appreciates soft rock, hard rock, metal, singer/songwriter and so much more. All those styles occasionally find themselves in his music. He has an affinity for the acoustic guitar but is proficent in electric, keyboards, bass and percussion. All his music is self produced and self created.


While not known for his live performances he's most comfortable with a acoustic guitar, a freshly written lyric sheet and a recording console and the time to create.