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If I Ran For President...

In the words of Lewis Black, I don't understand how anyone in America can call themselves a Republican or Democrat any more. What do they see ? Over the past 30 to 40 years the only thing Ive seen from the two parties that dominate American politics citywide, statewide and nationwide seems to be that one party loves to spend while the other party refuses to pay for the spending everyone agrees on.  The result is more debt every year. Spend spend spend. Borrow borrow borrow. Does that make sense ? It doesnt to me ?


 In 2010 or thereabouts the one time largest corporation in America, General Motors Corporation, a company that was once so large and prevalent in American society it was jokingly implied that "On A Clear Day You Can See General Motors" They were mighty, they were rich and they were important.

 Their stock was also valuable. It paid a nice dividend every three months and nearly half of every car sold in America was one of theirs. And they borrowed money too. They borrowed just as easily as the USA does today. And of course we all remember the sad day when General Motors filed for bankruptcy. I actually know a female friend that said she cried that day. It was as if America itself had failed. And in a way that's what happened.  

 Im an optimist and always try to see the good side. Yes we are facing serious issues in America and there's no shortage of men and women that want to sit in the oval office and help solve them. I unfortunately only see us moving down the political road once again slicing the electorate into two sides: Democrat and Republican. Both sides and their marketing people are clamoring at the billions in ad dollars that will only try to portray the other side  as unpatriotic, dangerous, untrustworthy. While they may be right but when you hire a CEO for a large corporation the board of directors and the employees need a leader that keeps the corporation solvent first and foremost. Shouldnt a president be charged with the same responsibility ?

Now comes the big finale.  What I hope you've figured out thus far in reading this is America needs to amend our constitution with a balanced budget amendment. There isnt a state of city in America that is allowed to run deficts year after year after year. They are forced by their states constitution to have a balanced budget. That means making the tough decisions in congress to either eliminate spending on something or raise taxes to pay for it. Its that simple.

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 Beore I make my final pitch to you the American voter I would like to tell you about a country in northern europe. Norway. With a population of 5.5 million people Norway was not an economic power till oil was discovered. They have so much oil they created a wealth fund that its government uses to benefit all of its citizens now and will in the future. Each Norwegian receives the equivalent of around $4000 each year while the remaining 1 trillion dollar fund continues to earn income for generations to come. Long term thinking, stable and democratic. They work together. Government, citizens and business. It can be done.


 My final pitch is this: consider demanding we amend our constitution to include a balanced budget amendment. Consider trying to find a leader that will take that ball and go the distance. Its a monumental task and only a president can really do that. He/she has four years to get it done. Leave the minutie to congress, the economy to the federal reserve and free enterprise to business. Think about our countries future in a decade or twenty decades. Nothing good can come from our fical irresponsibility. Im sure of that..

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