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The guiding force behind the now defunct Darek & The Videeza Band, Mr Smith is a multi talented singer/songwriter. As you will discover he has a large and varied catalog of recorded music. While not known for his live performances, Darek perfected his songs at various open mics in the years past. It was at these performances he would introduce many of his originals to open minded and curious audiences.

The Schwin KidDarek Steven Smith
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Dance Baby Dance...hear the coolest dance beats, set to magnificently

produced guitar driven melodies. If music  could capture a cities feel this is it. Fun, energy, life and reality

Pull My FingerPoppy
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Why should the kids have all the fun ? Poppy has things to say, funny things. From gas to incontinence to erectile dysfunction no subject is off limits for Poppy

Jobbie Nooner BoomerMetalize
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More than just metal, Metalize is style and substance. Inspired by 1970's icons Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Ozzy and Van Halen. Its simply great *&^king music.

Wish you were hereTitans of Lit
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Titans of Lit is Christian Rock. Saints and sinners alike are welcome. If you seek dynamic rock music with drive, style that makes you think this is it. Their seminal works 'The Revelation' along with 'The Divine Comedy' are career defining recordings. Must hears for any rock afficianado

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Glasscock is a keyboard/synthesizer focused project. The best way to describe their music would be to say its Mozart and Beethoven on steroids. The music is fast, melodic and intense. All of this first release was created using a Yamaha keyboard along with lots of studio technology. The first song on the album uses Beethoven's iconic Fur Elise as the opening notes but it quickly becomes a rock epic worthy of any music lover. 

InnocentlyStephanie Horan
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Check out some of these amazing songs. There's rock, pop, alternative,hip hop and instrumentals. All mixed and mastered for optimum sound quality.There are some true gems for sure

The Thunder RollsDarek Steven Smith
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Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. Darek Steven Smith loves to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike.Take a look around his page to get to know more about Darek Steven Smith.

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It wasn’t long before Detroit realized that a career in music was exactly what they wanted in life. Surrounded by a community of musical talents in the vibrant CITY cultural scene, Detroit brings an original and innovative approach to their work. Catch all the updates as they progress through their music career.

Poppy Cant Drive After FivePoppy
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Poppy is an influential Hip Hop Artist with a devoted following. His incredible career began with a bang only recently, with the release of his unique senior citizen rap/hip hop album.

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Hailing from Detroit, Metalize has always pushed themself to achieve more success in their music career. Looking to perfect their technical abilities and develop their own unique style, Metalize draws upon their Michigan roots and lifelong passion for rock music. Stay tuned to learn more about their background, experience, and latest projects. Meanwhile enjoy Disruption.

GodTitans of Lit
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God is an acclaimed Christian Rock song by Titans of Lit. The song is written in the first person narrative as if God is singing and telling his creations (human beings) who he is and what he's about. Whether a muslim, christian, jew or any other religion God is in charge. Hes faithful and has no ending or beginng. The alpha and omega.

The Morning AfterWindjammer
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The Morning After is simply a fun song. Its the kind of unique musical artistry Videeza loves to offer our fans. Hailing from Denver, Colorado Windjammer came to our attention when they sent us this song during the beginnings of an indie label we are associated with from the the mid 2000's.  .

This channel is coming soon!
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